Dikembe is the sound of flight. They're a thrilling, atmospheric indie band known for their anthemic melodies, inspirational sound and dramatic intros. Live shows are very energetic as the band builds to a height with waves of intricate layered loops and instruments.

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Fest 13

Gainesville, FL

Fest 12

Gainesville, FL

Topshelf Records’ Generator Party During Fest 11

We got a chance to be at a top secret Generator Party hosted by Topshelf Records, it was a great lineup, great people, and then the cops showed up, nevertheless, we had an awesome time shooting this.

Into It. Over It.
You Blew It!
Slingshot Dakota (Not pictured, sorry you guys)
Braid (which didn't get to play because of the cops)

Into The Folk

During Fest 11 we were fortunate enough to get Chris, Steve, and Tanner together to play some stripped down, honest, and soulful acoustic renditions of their songs for us at Lake Alice. We had a blast.

Fake Problems - I Don't Miss Anyone
Dikembe - Luke Bongley
You Blew It! - The Fifties

Fest 11

Gainesville, FL