Over the course of three albums, American punk band Donovan Wolfington brought D.I.Y. attitude to their pop-leaning indie rock before breaking up in 2018. D-Wolf were formed in New Orleans in 2011 by Loyola University students Neil Berthier (vocalist/guitarist) and Matthew Seferian (guitarist/vocalist). Taking inspiration from bands like Pavement, Nirvana, NOFX, Bad Religion, and Built to Spill, they started jamming together, later recruiting Savannah Sexton to join as keyboardist/vocalist. Bassist Christian Baraks and drummer Chris Littlejohn rounded out the founding quintet. The band issued its debut, Stop Breathing (Broken World Media/Community Records), in 2013, signing with Topshelf Records soon thereafter. Their label debut, the five-track EP Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark, arrived in 2014. Sexton parted ways with D-Wolf before they recorded their sophomore LP, How to Treat the Ones You Love, with new bassist Chris Lanthier lending his talents for only this effort. How to Treat... featured a hardcore punk song and some heavy metal noise, marking steady creative growth for the young group. They toured the United States and Europe, building an audience, especially in the grassroots scene of New Orleans. Then, in 2017, they announced a breakup. In D-Wolf's final incarnation, as a quartet, Berthier and Seferian were joined by bassist Alejandro Skalany and drummer Mike Saladis. They recorded one last album, Waves, which was self-released in early 2018. After playing their farewell show for Community Records' tenth anniversary celebration, Berthier moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career (while also briefly working as fellow NOLA punk band PEARS' tour manager), while Skalany joined New Holland and Seferian and Saladis carried on with Pope.

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Fest 12

Gainesville, FL

Light & Noise, Topshelf Records, and Count Your Lucky Stars Records’ SXSW Showcase

We teamed up with Topshelf Records and Count Your Lucky Stars to make a couple of showcases during SXSW. 2 days of great music, friends, beer and hotdogs by Phil.

The lineup is:
Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
Joie de Vivre Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers
Kind of Like Spitting
Look Mexico (acoustic)
No Somos Marineros
The Great Albatross
Texas Instruments
Donovan Wolfington
Tall Ships
Two Knights
Chris Simpson