Into It. Over It., the brainchild of Chicago, IL musician Evan Weiss having played in a number of bands over the years, Weiss had originally conceived Into it. Over It. as a means to break free from a musical rut. His project quickly took on a life of its own and in true DIY fashion, Weiss went on to release a steady string of 7", splits, cassettes, and LP's while touring the world non-stop, both as solo artist and with a full band.

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Fest 13

Gainesville, FL

Fest 11

"My name is Evan and this is Into It. Over It." a phrase that introduced us to the musical world of Evan Weiss had only been said before an acoustic solo show, until now. Evan decided to do a tour with IIOI full band showcasing the songs as they were meant to be played and we were lucky enough to catch one of those shows during Fest 11. It was a great show to say the least, packed with friends and some great people.

This is Into It. Over It.

Topshelf Records’ Generator Party

e got a chance to be at a top secret Generator Party hosted by Topshelf Records, it was a great lineup, great people, and then the cops showed up, nevertheless, we had an awesome time shooting this.

Into It. Over It.
You Blew It!
Slingshot Dakota (Not pictured, sorry you guys)
Braid (which didn't get to play because of the cops)