Joliette is a Mexican post-hardcore band originally from the city of Puebla, formed in 2011. Composed by Fernando Obregon (vocals - guitar), Juan Pablo Castillo ( guitar), Gastón Prado ( bass) and Gabriel Mendoza (drums ) , Joliette pushes the envelope with genre shifts left and right, going from heavy, chaotic, and in your face anthems, to light, calm, and melodic passages in an instant. With EIY ( Earn It Yourself) philosophy, Joliette seeks to promote a scene of honest and sincere connections, having a direct interaction with the audience, without intermediaries and always putting the main objective on music itself.

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joliette/Frameworks Split Session

Split session recorded live at Estudios Noviembre in Mexico City. Now available on cassette and digitally from Light & Noise Records and Deathwish Inc.


Live at Pinche Gringo BBQ

Mexico City

Live At Fest 14

Gainseville, FL