Look Mexico steadily built a cult status on the backs of endless touring and early releases like 2007's classic This Is Animal Music LP and the following Gasp Asp EP, influencing countless other bands who would follow. After a whirlwind few years shuffling between cities and labels the band would slow things down after 2011's Real American Spear It. But, listening to Uniola you get the feeling that perhaps that was the best thing for the band. Through marriage, kids and life in general, Look Mexico has slowly crafted a mature album that speaks to growing older and wiser yet still unmistakably captures the essence of the band. The album manages to build upon the magic of those earlier releases while adding a newfound soulful depth to the band's songwriting. Four years in the making, Uniola proves that good things come to those who wait.

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Fest 13

Gainesville, FL

Fest 12

Gainesville, FL

Light & Noise, Topshelf Records, and Count Your Lucky Stars SXSW Showcase

We teamed up with Topshelf Records and Count Your Lucky Stars to make a couple of showcases during SXSW. 2 days of great music, friends, beer and hotdogs by Phil.

The lineup is:
Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
Joie de Vivre Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers
Kind of Like Spitting
Look Mexico (acoustic)
No Somos Marineros
The Great Albatross
Texas Instruments
Donovan Wolfington
Tall Ships
Two Knights
Chris Simpson

Music Video - Runnin' Ain't Freedom (You Should Know That)

Throughout the years we became good friends with the guys in Look Mexico and we decided to shoot a music video during SXSW

Into The Folk

During SXSW at JC’s House

SXSW 2011

Austin, TX